Plastic collapsible litter box for anti litter


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The litter box allows the cat to exit from the top only, when cats jump out, almost all the litter will fall into the top holes. Satisfy the cat’s natural jumping instinct and train it to make it more interesting. Foldable, roomy, perfect for home, travel and multi-cat households.
Collapsible cat litter box, space-saving when you carry it by car or travel.
The front door is one-way (entrance only), the top hole is one-way (entrance and exit).
Front and top entry, two doors, effectively prevent odors and retain them in the box.
Litter drawer with easy to clean scoop and litter scoop.
With a large space, the cat can return its body to it, say goodbye to the narrow and uncomfortable litter box.
0.2 inch higher litter hole, when the cat jump out of the litter box, no more dirt.
Easy to assemble or disassemble, space-saving.


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